Since its foundation 17 years ago, PressCon Kiadó Kft. has worked on the Hungarian versions of nearly sixty popular scientific or children’s magazines and partworks. Our most important partner has been the Hungarian outlet of Media Service Zawada Ltd. (Poland), which has intoduced to the Hungarian audience many successful periodicals originally launched by prestigious European publishing groups such as De Agostini Polska Sp. z o.o.

We are proud of having launched in 1998 The Tree of Knowledge, the first and, up to
this date, probably the most successful popular scientific weekly partwork magazine on the Hungarian market (its original publisher and copyright owner was the British company
Marshall-Cavendish Ltd.).

In our thematic magazines we present unique photos, attractive illustrations, a wealth of reliable facts and special information in excellently readable texts. Many periodicals come with collectible supplements, out of which wonderful models can be built, such as a small replica of a human skeleton, remote control racing cars, or beautiful historical airplanes.

During recent years, De Agostini Polska has contributed to the Hungarian press market with a variety of new periodicals produced in quality workshops with large international editorial organizations and huge photoarchives.

The staff of PressCon does the translation, editing, technical and fact-checking and desk-top publishing jobs for all these publications.

PressCon was founded in 1996 by Terézia Barabás, András Rényi, and Pál Susán.
Our partners over the years have been Danubius Hotels NyRt., De Agostini Polska,
the Hungarian National Bank, the Hungarian Gynecologic Oncological Society,
the Association of Hungarian Hairdressers and Cosmeticians, Matáv Telecommunications Company, Media Service Zawada Kft., Novartis, Park Kiadó, Írisz 2003 Könyvkiadó,
Pesti Első Telefontársaság.